How do I find a Sponsor in SLAA?

Finding sponsors

This is a common question all over the SLAA universe thanks to the Pandemic.

The best place to find a sponsor is in a meeting you attend regularly because you have had a chance to get to know and trust one another first. It’s a really important, intimate relationship in SLAA.

There’s an international SLAA Focus on Sponsorship Meeting at 8pm Eastern time (USA) every Monday night. For more info see the Focus on Sponsorship Page

Here is a free video published on SLAA YouTube full of Member tips How to Find a Sponsor at online meetings.

The best place online during the Pandemic to find SLAA Sponsors, Meetings, Step Study Groups, Supportive Fellowship etc is WhatsApp. Here is the link to the Finding a Sponsor/Sponsee Groups.

Sponsorship resources

There’s information for Newcomers on the SLAA Website as well as plenty of information provided by the Conference Sponsorship Committee:

“What is Sponsorship”

“How To Find A Sponsor”

“Questions To Ask A Potential Sponsor”

Here is a helpful free MP3 Download about what to look for and reasonably expect from a Sponsor. You can buy the whole Sponsorship TeleSeries (2011-12) as MP3s for only USD7 from the SLAA Online Store.

It is now quick and easy to buy the Sponsorship Pamphlet for only 99 cents from the SLAA Digital Literature Store. We also suggest downloading the Welcome Pamphlet, Suggestions for Newcomers and Questions Beginners Ask

Further information

If you have questions or wish to find out more about sponsorship, contact the CSpC at