WhatsApp Groups

Most international online SLAA Groups use WhatsApp Chat Groups for their Members to engage in fellowship, support and outreach between Meetings.

Groups can share their WhatsApp Details on this Page if they wish by sending a request to slaavirtual@gmail.com. It is not a requirement to register your WAG with FWS or SLAAvirtual.


SLAAvirtual Outreach

SLAAvirtual’s Outreach Group welcomes newcomers to SLAA and helps you find online Meetings, Literature, Outreach and Sponsorship. Please introduce yourself with a little background (first name only – an alias is fine too – gender, location, reason you are interested in SLAA and previous experience in 12 step) and our Outreach Team will try to help you connect with Members and Groups that can help get you started.

To join our WhatsApp Group email slaavirtual@gmail.com with Outreach in the heading

SLAA Online Meetings

Announce your SLAA meetings here. Coed group. Guard the anonymity and safety of our fellows by sharing this group link with only safe people.
This is a chat only to announce SLAA meetings please. So that when we get a notification from this chat, it means there’s a meeting we can go to. If you need support, please reach out to your fellows or get to a SLAA meeting.
To ask to join, email our Intergroup: slaavirtual@gmail.com with “Meetings” in the heading.

Topic Groups

Focus on Sponsorship

Follow this link to join the Focus on Sponsorship group. A place to discuss sponsoring and share the best SLAA resources available.

All genders welcome.

Focus on Sponsorship is an international online weekly meeting hosted by SLAA. To join Send Email to This Group

SLAA Healthy Relationships

This Group shares Experience, Strength and Hope in developing Healthy Relationships with oneself, others and one’s Higher Power.
Please share SLAA resources and material that helped you recover from your sex and love addiction and share about your own recovery and not about anyone else.

To join this Group contact slaavirtual@gmail.com with Healthy Relationships in the heading

SLAA Anorexia Group

A group for members of the SLAA Anorexia Recovery Program to reach for the supportive fellowship of SLAA through meeting information, requesting outreach and sharing resources we find helpful in our recovery.

PLEASE GO TO GROUP DETAILS AND MUTE NOTIFICATIONS – this is a very busy Group and WhatsApp can be very disruptive.

To join email slaavirtual@gmail.com with “Anorexia” in the heading.

SLAA Sponsor Advice (Women Only)

This a Women’s only SLAA group for advice on how to Sponsor your sponsees. Must have a sponsor and have a sponsee to share in this group.

We share our experience, strength and hope to help each other guide our sponsees through challenges and step work. We share are successes. There is no one right way to sponsor. Please respect each other’s experience. Take what you like and leave the rest.

This is not a group to find a sponsor. See the next heading below for those links.

SLAA Fantasy Addiction

A fellowship-wide Group for recovery from Fantasy Addiction in SLAA. To
• share our experience strength and hope,
• request outreach
• share Recovery Meetings around the world,
• start Meetings where they are needed and
• develop new literature for Fantasy Addicts.

Group holds meetings by Zoom on request by any member to make decisions in Group Conscience.

SLAA Only. Please respect our boundaries.

To join please email slaavirtual@gmail.com with Fantasy in the heading.

SERVICE Fantasy Addiction

Group for members of the SLAA Fantasy Addiction Recovery Group that do Service for that SLAA Group and/or any of its Meetings.


Group of SLAA members working together to develop a new meeting format for SLAA to heal our sex and love addiction and the underlying trauma concurrently.

Please be sensitive and respectful. May this be a safe place for all. Let us be kind to each other.

We are deeply grateful for your Service.

Welcomes members who also work as treating professionals in both trauma and addiction and wish to contribute to the Solution in their capacity as SLAA members.

By invitation only.

Finding a Sponsor/Sponsee


Hello, Are you LGBTQIA+ / Non Binary ?🏳️‍🌈🌟 🏳️‍⚧️🦄 Looking for a SLAA Sponsee or Sponsor, or cosponsors ? This is a space to help us find others to support us through the 12 Steps of SLAA. Please join here if you are looking for a sponsor, recovery partner or are available to sponsor? 🖤🤎💜❤️🧡💛💚💙🤍💖💕

To request to join, please email slaalgbtqiasponsorship@gmail.com

SLAA Sponsorship Women

This is a Women’s only sponsorship group. If you are looking for a sponsor please write specifically what you are looking for. If you are a Sponsor please write what literature you are using for step work and how long you have been sober. Once you find a sponsee/sponsor please exit the group and let us know you found someone. Only posts about finding a sponsor/sponsee in this group. ❤

To join us please email slaavirtual@gmail.com with “Women’s Sponsorship” in the heading.

SLAA Anorexia Sponsor Group (Co-ed)

A space for SLAA Anorexics seeking a sponsee or sponsor for the 12 Steps of SLAA Anorexia program. Please post your location, gender & the Step you are on whn you join. Please don’t share meeting or other info here, so this Group stays fit for purpose.

To join us please email slaavirtual@gmail.com with “Anorexia Sponsorship” in the heading.

SLAA Men’s Sponsors Group

A group for men to advertise themselves as potential sponsors and sponsees in SLAA

Contact SLAAvirtual and we can put you in contact with the Group Administrators

Sponsorship Connection

Outside Resource

A listing of available sponsors and sponsees for SLAA Members working multiple programs. Largely Big Book (AA) literature is used not the SLAA Conference Approved Step Programs (above), but some SLAA Sponsors are available.

Contact SLAAvirtual and we can put you in touch with the Sponsorship Connection Administrators

Meeting Groups

We Recover Together in SLAA daily meeting

General Recovery and Support Chat for members between Meetings

  • Please be kind & adhere to the 12 Traditions.
  • Anyone being unsupportive may be temporarily removed to cool down.

• Every Day of the Week
• 8 pm UK Time
• ID: 8505 911 0414
• PW: 1
• https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85059110414?pwd=TkZLeU1MY2d5eUpqeTJ5WUJTRHlVUT09

Camera on only meeting

Recovery in Relationships Group (All Gender)

All SLAA members who are in committed relationships or attempting to build/rebuild one welcome.

You can share your ESH, request outreach, promote SLAA Meetings and or share SLAA related resources.

This group is NOT a space to complain about your partner. We use this chat group to support one another between meetings and hold out the hand of SLAA to the newcomer while also building intimacy in our relationships.

To join this Group contact slaavirtual@gmail.com with “Recovery in Relationships” in the heading

US/Europe Mon Anorexia Step Group (all Gender)

WhatsApp Group for members of the weekly meeting held every Monday 4pm Eastern Time (US). Commencing Step 1 first week of October, doing 12 steps over 12 months.

US, Asia, Western Australia Tues Anorexia Step Group

WhatsApp Group for members of the weekly meeting held every Tuesday 8pm Eastern Time (US). Commencing Step 1 first week of October, doing 12 steps over 12 months.

UK Wed SLAA Anorexia Step Study Group (All Gender)

WhatsApp Group for members of the weekly meeting every Wednesday 7pm London Time.

The only requirement to join the Step Study meeting is a desire to stop living out a pattern of sex and love addiction. This group is fully self-supporting declining outside contributions. Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities.

To join the Meeting and WhatsApp Group email slaavirtual@gmail.com with “Anorexia Steps” in the heading.

AUS Mon SLAA Anorexia Step Study Group (All Gender)

Commencing Monday 12 July.

Now joining members. Members working the SLAA Anorexia Steps together. Working Steps 1 to 12 over July 2021 to June 2022.

LINK to join 7PM AEST Mondays for 1 hour

To request to join, email slaavirtual@gmail.com with Monday Anorexia in the heading

SLAA 5 S’ and Miracles (Women Only)

SLAA group chat to focus on the 5 S’s Sobriety, Steps, Service, Sponsorship and Spirituality. We focus on sharing our experience strength and hope.

This is a Solution based, positive group. We celebrate Monthly Sobriety and Steps with a Virtual Token.🎉

To request to join, email slaavirtual@gmail.com with Miracles in the heading


SLAA Workshops & Events

This group is strictly for posting SLAA Workshop information. Please make sure day/time, Zoom Login info, whether it is women’s, men’s or Coed. This group is Coed. 

SLAA Step Studies

Welcome to SLAA Step Studies
This group is strictly to post SLAA Step Studies you know of. We are helping those in between sponsors work the steps or anyone that wants to. Please put time date, requirements to join.
Any questions ask Renee in the Group ❤

Contact SLAAvirtual and we can put you in contact with the Group Administrators

Draft 12 & 12 Study Workshop

SLAA Draft 12 Steps & 12 Traditions
One Stop Workshop!

12 Workshops! Every second Sunday
Starting: Sun 11th Apr at 5 pm UK
Ending: Sun Sept 12th

Join the international SLAA Family on a Journey through the 12 Steps & the 12 Traditions of SLAA!
We will read together, study & share our feedback on the new SLAA 12 and 12.

To find out more:

Whatsapp Info Group http://bit.ly/12x12_Whatsapp
E-Mail: werecovertogetherinslaa@gmail.com

Special Interest Groups

Withdrawal (Women Only)

A safe place for women in SLAA who are in Withdrawal. There is support here. No mention of specific therapies or outside issues. Read Chapter 5 everyday out of the SLAA Basic Text. We suggest extreme Self Care and Compassion. We maintain no contact with qualifiers. We engage in Recovery by focusing on the 5 S’s steps, spirituality, sponsorship, sobriety and service.

Contact SLAAvirtual and we can put you in contact with the Group Administrators


This group is for women who have Borderline Personality and Sex and Love Addiction.

We share about what isn’t working and then share what you’re doing to take care of self

What DBT skills are you going to use? Have you contacted your sponsor? What is working?

We share our Experience Strength and hope. The 5 S’s – are the 5 simple  tools we use to receive the Miracle  of recovery: Sobriety, Steps, Sponsorship, Service and Spirituality

To get the link to the SLAA BPD Whatsapp group please email SlaaFreedomHope@slaavirtualgmail-com

CPTSD SLAA Womens Group

This is a Women’s only support group to share tools and resources such as Pete Walker Complex PTSD Book Titled Surviving to Thriving and other related books.
Addresses multiple addictions as a result of CPTSD food addiction, spending addiction, sex addiction, love addiction etc.
Please use a Trigger Warning TW for suicide, rape etc.
Solution Based ESH
Suggest to talk to a therapist
Using the 12 steps to arrest addictions
No feedback unless asked

To apply to join this group email slaavirtual@gmail.com with “CPTSD WO” in the heading.

SLAA Parents in Recovery

Welcoming all Moms and Dads in Recovery in SLAA. A place to share in fellowship, meet others in the same lifeboat (with kids big and small!), find outreach, share news and recommend SLAA meetings for Parents.

Chance to share our Higher Power’s healing love. ❤️❤️❤️

And together smash the cycle of intergenerational addiction. Our children will not suffer as we have 😀😀😀

To ask to join, email our Intergroup: slaavirtual@gmail.com with “Parents” in the heading.

Moms Healing in SLAA

This Group Chat is for all moms in SLAA to have a place to talk about recovery and the struggles of parenting while in SLAA. Sharing our experience, strength, and hope as it pertains to being a mom in SLAA

…How our addiction affected our children and how our recovery is helping them and healing our relationships with them.
Ever reminding each other that, as we heal, our children heal. 💗🙏🏼😊

To ask to join, email our Intergroup: slaavirtual@gmail.com with “Moms” in the heading.

SERVICE 4 Mom’s SLAA Meeting

WhatsApp Chat Group for members of the Moms healing in SLAA Group that do Service for that SLAA Group and/or any of its SLAA Moms Serenity Meetings.

SERVICE 4 BPD Members Meeting

Group working together to start the first ever SLAA Meeting for members with BPD. Open to members of any gender anywhere in the world. Please be sensitive and respectful. May this be a safe place for us all. Let us be kind to each other. We are deeply grateful for your Service xxx

Service Support

SLAA Delegate Mentoring

A Chat Group for Delegates – new and old – to ask questions and share information in preparation for the 2021 ABM.

SLAA also arranges one on one mentoring for new delegates on request.

This Group is to share what we learn to strengthen the quality of participation of each of us.


SLAA Intergroups Chat

An online platform for those serving at SLAA Intergroup level as a way to meet and support one another in Service work.

IF you are an elected Representative of any SLAA Group to your local Intergroup or one of the international Intergroups (SLAAOnline.org, SLAAvirtual.org or WANA), you are welcome to join our WhatsApp Group for Intergroup members to share ideas and support.

Just email the CPIC at with your preferred name, contact email, Group you represent and Intergroup you serve. https://slaafws.org/committee/cpic/

No curious outsiders please. This is a Group for those doing Service in SLAA as our elected trusted leaders xx

SLAAvirtual Intergroup Chat

  • A chat group for all internal Intergroup Business between the Representatives elected to the SLAAvirtual Intergroup.
  • Note there are separate WAGs for Business (Agenda and Minutes), Literature Committee and events/outreach by SVIG
  • To be invited to these WAGs you must be the elected Representative of a member Group of SLAAvirtual or have been elected to a Service Position on the SLAAvirtual Intergroup.

SLAAvirtual Intergroup Agenda

Please recall that
This WAG is not for discussions.
It is only for:

  1. Your proposals for the Virtual Intergroup agenda.
  2. Possible amendments to any proposals.
  3. The agenda prior to the meeting.
  4. The minutes of the previous meeting.

To join you must be a current elected Representative of an international online SLAA Group that is a member of the SLAAvirtual Intergroup.

SLAA WhatsApp Group Admins

A Group for all SLAA Members doing service as Admins in WhatsApp. To share tips and information. Priority is sharing ideas that work to keep all our Groups safe.

Opt out any time. Add any fellow Admins who want to join.

To join you must be an Admin chosen by your Group.

To apply to join, email our Intergroup: slaavirtual@gmail.com with “WAG Admins” in the heading.

Fellowship Wide News

SLAAvirtual invites all members, Groups, other Intergroups and FWS worldwide to submit items of interest to the online community of SLAA.

The monthly Fellowship Wide News is published here https://slaavirtual.org/news/

You can also review and edit the draft Newsletter each month by joining this WAG



Can a WhatsApp Chat Group be a SLAA Group?


Any two or more persons gathered together for mutual aid in
recovering from sex and love addiction may call themselves an S.L.A.A. group, provided that as a group they have no other affiliation.

SLAA Tradition 3

FWS accepts WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and many other online chats as eligible platforms when members decide to register as a new Group.

The expressions “Group” and “Meeting” are often used interchangeably in 12 Step, but the Traditions themselves define that it is Groups, not Meetings, that are eligible to form part of SLAA.

We suggest when registering to describe the Chat Group as a 24/7 seven day a week chatgroup meeting.

Any Group that is registered with FWS as a Group is eligible to join as a Member of the SLAAvirtual Intergroup. Here is the link to Register your Group, if your online Group votes in Group Conscience to register as a Group with SLAA.

Voting on the SLAAvirtual Intergroup and for a Delegate to Conference is one vote per Group, not one vote per Meeting, so keep that in mind when you register with FWS.