SLAA Blessings

As we use the Twelve Steps of S.L.A.A. in our recovery, many of us experience higher levels of self-esteem, and receive unexpected blessings we would not have known how to ask for.

  • We came to find intimacy with ourselves, intimacy with God, and then intimacy with others.
  • In domestic partnerships we discovered a whole new experience of sexuality as a non-addictive medium.
  • In relationships with others we let go of self-serving power and prestige as driving motives.
  • Careers that had been exploited mainly for material security at the expense of self-fulfillment no longer appealed to us.
  • Our usefulness as channels for healing was a direct result of our experience in sickness, as well as in recovery.
  • We discovered that we could continue to affirm our recovery by working with other sex and love addicts.
  • We discovered that the source of love, which was of God, had begun to flow from within us.