SLAAvirtual Intergroup

When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of S.L.A.A. always to be there, and for that, I am responsible. ( The Responsibility Pledge of A.A., adapted).

What is Intergroup?

Any two or more Groups can form an Intergroup.  Intergroups plan outreach and events, as well as conduct business meetings where they discuss SLAA business at the Intergroup level.

SLAAvirtual Intergroup

SLAA Virtual Intergroup (SLAAvirtual or SVIG) began in March 2021. Covid changed 12 Step Programs forcing most meeting to become virtual, at least for a some period. This led to the growth of new virtual meetings.

Traditionally groups and intergroup membership were defined by proximity. Now many virtual groups are drawing regular members from multiple cities, states and even countries.

Purposes of SLAAvirtual

Our purpose and functions are set out in our Constitution.

SLAAvirtual Intergroup is committed to worldwide Equality of Access, Diversity and Inclusion in SLAA for all sex and love addicts.

We are guided in all that we do by the SLAA Steps, Traditions and Concepts.

Our Mission is to support online and hybrid SLAA Groups to provide Service, including meetings and fellowship between meetings, that is as effective supporting our members as SLAA Groups that are able to hold meetings in person.

In particular we exist to support sex and love addicts unable to attend SLAA meetings in person including those:

(a) in hospitals, treatment centres and/or institutions;
(b) in remote or inaccessible areas;
(c) mobility impaired by illness, aging or disability;
(d) required to prioratise parenting or other carer responsibilities;
(e) not attending meetings in their area for their own physical and/or emotional health and safety; and/or
(f) prevented by religious, cultural or legal reasons from attending in person SLAA meetings.

Digital Transformation of 12 Step

AA Delegates have written about the change to virtual meetings.

Quotes from AA international delegates

For more details of the next SVIG meeting email

Group Representatives and members are welcome to attend. All SLAA groups that are part of SVIG, or wish to be part of SVIG, are encouraged to elect a Group Representative to have them attend as a conduit between their own meeting and the Intergroup. Contact Intergroup at

​Groups are encouraged to forward excess funds to Intergroup bank account. See our for our bank account and PayPal details.

Intergroup functions

Our purpose and functions are set out in our Constitution.

In summary, our purpose is to provide Service is to assist our Groups to carry out Tradition Five: Each group has but one primary purpose – to carry its message to the sex and love addict who still suffers.

SVIG’s functions include, but are not limited to:
(a) Building unity among registered online SLAA groups;
(b) Creating a spirit of fellowship among sex and love addicts as a vehicle for recovery;
(c) Serving as a medium to assist Members worldwide to find online meetings, fellowship between meetings, literature and events;
(d) Facilitating the planning and promotion of SLAA related online events including conventions, workshops, socials, fund raisers, retreats and special events;
(e) Facilitating the exchange of information between online SLAA groups and Fellowship Wide Services.

Our current Projects underway are:

  • 2 ZOOM accounts used to help Groups open new meetings until they are financially self-supporting.
  • contribute to Fellowship World Services which provides essential services for the SLAA fellowship internationally. 
  • paying for Delegates to attend the SLAA Conference which is the world-wide collective decision-making group conscience of our Fellowship.​
  • maintaining the SLAA Virtual web site (, which includes meeting lists, news and other resources for members, and provides an introduction to SLAA for those who believe they maybe sex and love addicted.
  • organizing committees for our newsletter, workshops and annual retreat.

Group consciences are encouraged to discuss donating any surplus funds (over and above their prudent reserve) to SLAA Virtual Intergroup to help support these services.

Certificate of Incorporation