Shared Resources

Virtual Groups have generously shared digital and electronic resources created to support members of virtual (online) meetings to recover from sex and love addiction.

These recovery resources are not Conference Approved literature.

To all contributing Groups, our heartfelt thanks for your Service.

Any member feedback can be sent to our Intergroup at

Online Meeting Scripts

Some of our Groups have kindly shared their Scripts for Zoom SLAA Meetings to help other new Groups to start meeting here.

You can find Meeting Scripts for face to face meetings on the SLAA FWS Website.

Intergroup FAQ

Intergroup regularly receives enquiries from Groups and members. We will post replies here to make it easier for everyone to find:

Can one S.L.A.A. Group Join Two Intergroups?

Short answer: Yes. For more information, see update of 22 March 2021 to the SLAA FWS Website here:

Long answer: Yes if both Intergroups are willing to accept your Group as a Member and your Group only votes at 1 Intergroup.

This is to preserve our principle that decisions in SLAA be democratic. Voting at 2 (or more) Intergroups would give a Group an unfair number of votes compared to Groups with only one Intergroup.

Whether your Group can vote might be a decision made by the Intergroup(s). If not, your Group should make that choice in Group Conscience itself and notify all affected Intergroups.

Why belong to more than one Intergroup?

Usually so the Group’s Meetings can be listed on both Intergroups Websites and in Meeting Lists distributed as Public Outreach, because both Intergroups serve suffering sex and love addicts in your Group’s area.

If your Group is genuinely long distance and/or international – so, supporting (1) long distance and remote members or (2) a special interest group of members from more than one country – rather than members co-located in a specified geographical area – consider joining one of the SLAA international intergroups:

1 SLAAvirtual (Zoom Meetings) (us!)

Our Purpose and Functions are set out in our Constitution. For more details see our Intergroup Page.

2 SLAAOnline (IRC Meetings)

This is the Intergroup for all the 21 online SLAA meetings per weekin the Starlink-IRC #slaa IRC channel. The structure is a little unusual as general business, guidelines etc are decided by group conscience at the Intergroup. Every individual meeting still has autonomy though to the extent that the individual meeting’s group conscience may decide to deviate from general Intergroup GC decisions for the duration of the meeting if it does not affect others. 

The SLAA Online Guidelines are all approved in group conscience – and published here:

3 WANA Intergroup (Women Only phone meetings).

Whether the Group’s exisiting Intergroup (if any) allows the Group to remain is a decision for that Intergroup in its own Group Conscience.

12 Step Prayers

Suggested Prayers on each of the SLAA 12 Steps shared by the SLAA Prayer and Meditiation Group (26 April 2021)

24/7 Zoom Meeting List

Here is an unofficial list of SLAA Meetings on Zoom so you can look up the next available meeting in a variety of time zones.

To convert to your own time zone we suggest go to

To add or change a Zoom Meeting in the List, send a Change Request using this Form.