Start a new SLAA Meeting online

SLAA Fellowship World Services has extensive resources to help start a new SLAA meeting

This includes

SLAA online Meeting Starter Kit

Our 12th step encourages us to “carry the message of recovery”. And there’s no better way to do that than to start a fresh SLAA meeting.

We encourage you to try — and our traditions tell us that

Any two or more persons gathered for mutual aid in recovering from sex and love addiction may call themselves an SLAA group, provided that as a group they have no other affiliation.

The Twelve Traditions of SLAA

To get started, we strongly encourage you to read the chapter on “Starting an SLAA Group” in the SLAA Basic Text. From there, if you’re starting a SLAA online meeting, we suggest that you:

  • Find 4 Members with some sobriety in SLAA willing to be the Trusted Servants of the new Group. To achieve Group Conscience you need at least 2 members, but in our experience Groups are more likely to succeed if tasks are agreed and shared between 4 Group Founders
  • Decide what platform you want to use for the meeting: Zoom, Skype and Google meet are just a few. Try looking at how other 12 step fellowships hold their meetings online to get ideas.
  • Raising funds to take out a subscription is one of the challenges new meetings face. SLAAvirtual Intergroup can help new meetings getting on their feet by sharing our Zoom Account (see NOTE below).
  • Choose a date and time. Keep in mind the 4th tradition and try not to have a negative impact on existing meetings.
  • Hold 6 meetings to decide if your Meeting is at the right time with the right script to successfully help members and welcome newcomers.
  • Register your Group with SLAA FWS here.
  • Contact us and let us know your Group wishes to join our Intergroup
  • Appoint someone to connect with our Intergroup. This person is called your Representative and every Group may have one elected Representative on the Intergroup.
  • Find new members for your meeting. There are many helpful suggestions how in the Suggestions for Public Outreach published by FWS on their Website.
  • Consider when your Group should increase the number of weekly meetings it holds. In our experience, virtual meetings of 10 to 15 members are about the right size to maintain a safe and intimate sharing environment and give everyone who might need to share a chance to speak.
  • We highly recommend setting aside half an hour after the meeting for a virtual “parking lot second half” to
    • welcome newcomers,
    • swap numbers
    • invite them to join your Group’s chat group (WhatsApp, Telegram and Reddit are popular) for fellowship and outreach between meetings and
    • answer lots of questions!

NOTE: If the slot is still available.  SLAAvirtual hosts a growing number of meetings per week on our Zoom Account as well as our own Service meetings, Workshops and Events, so your preferred time might already be taken. 

We ask that SLAAvirtual Meetings not be scheduled to overlap with any other SLAAvirtual meeting, so suffering addicts in urgent need of a meeting have as much choice as possible and a shorter wait time to get on a meeting to ask for help.

Our shared dream is to one day have virtual meetings available to suffering sex and love addicts somewhere in the world any time day or night, 24 hours a day 7 days a week (Tradition 5).

The following links may be useful for setting up your meeting (not Conference Approved): 

Below are links to pdf’s of Documents frequently used in SLAA Meetings:

  1. The Twelve Steps of SLAA
  2. The Twelve Traditions of SLAA
  3. The SLAA Preamble
  4. The Characteristics of Sex and Love Addiction
  5. The 40 Questions for Self-Diagnosis
  6. Am I Anorexic? – 50 Questions for Self Diagnosis
  7. The Signs of Recovery