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How to start an Online Meeting

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How to find an Online Meeting

​If you have a desire to be free from sex and love addiction, SLAA meetings are usually open to newcomers – you can just show up, unless the meeting description tells you otherwise. Try:

1 SLAA official (registered) online meeting list: S.L.A.A. ONLINE MEETING FINDER

2 unofficial list of SLAA online meetings around the clock

3 unofficial list of SLAA anorexia meetings

4 unofficial list of SLAA Fantasy Addiction Recovery meetings

5 join the Helpline to request the current list of LGBTQIA+ meetings

and see our Meeting Notice Board below:

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Meeting Resources

Here’s the documents we read from in our Online meetings.

If your Meeting would like any other Reading added to this list, email with “Reading Materials” in the heading.

Newcomer Meeting

Serenity Prayer (SLAA version)

Serenity Prayer (full version)




12 Characteristics-of-Sex-Love-Addiction

40 Questions for Self Diagnosis

12 Signs of Recovery

The SLAA Blessings (NOTE: this is a publication by LAA not SLAA but each SLAA Group has Autonomy to choose its own Readings including Outside Literature)

Anorexia Meetings

Anorexia 50 Questions for Self-Diagnosis

Characteristics of Anorexia

The Anorexia Committee of SLAA asked in 2004, “Does anorexia tie in with your love and sex addiction? If so, how?” Below are the ompiled results of that questionnaire:
Viewable page in browser format
Printable copy in PDF forma
Printable copy in MS-WORD format

How We Meet

The Sex and Love Addict Anonymous Basic Text tells us that meeting to support each other is vital to our recovery.

The formality of having a regularly scheduled S.L.A.A. meeting, even if only two are present, can lead to a deepening sense of personal commitment in furthering the recognition of sex and love addiction by others who need to withdraw from it. A meeting can also serve as a focal point for sharing experience, strength and hope concerning recovery from sex and love addiction…*

SLAA Basic Text © 1985 The Augustine Fellowship, S.L.A.A., Fellowship-Wide Services, Inc.

Across the worldwide fellowship, there are three ways of meeting.

  • Face-to-face: traditional meetings  in person
  • Phone/Online: meeting via phone, Zoom or Skype, people join from around the world
  • Hybrid meetings: meeting in person, with some joining in online