Virtual Fellowship News – December 2021


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Tradition of the Month: 12. Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities.” You can study the SLAA Traditions here.

Holiday Special!! For a Limited Time!  FREE SHIPPING  on all Online Store Orders of USD50 or More.  All other discounts apply except the International 25%. Note SLAA is not shipping to these Countries due to Covid including Australia and New Zealand.  See the SLAA Australia Store to purchase.

SLAA Recovery Audio: Los Angeles Intergroup has published 2 new Recordings. Thank you for your Service, speakers Rachel and Marty!

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TheJournal – Our meeting between meetings!  Download free from and subscribe to have the print version delivered.

Question of the Day: ​theJournal is now accepting short shares and articles on the topic “Long Term Recovery: ​How do you keep your program fresh and growing?” ​You can answer via this Google Form! The due date is Jan 15, 2022

40 Questions for Self Diagnosis are back online at!  Share the link. By the way, the Am I Anorexic? – 50 Questions for Self Diagnosis are also still available (in PDF format).

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SLAA WhatsApp Groups: new Groups this month include SLAA Womens Anorexia Outreach and the SLAA Speakers Register (which you can join to request a meeting Speaker or volunteer to speak).  We maintain a Directory of Groups that welcome sex and love addicts. Contact SLAAvirtual to add your Group.

SLAAvirtual Helpline:  SLAA’s first WhatsApp Helpline. Open 24/7. 12th Step support is now also available in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi and Persian. To join the team of SLAA volunteers contact us.

Sober Sisters Talk – Episodes reminding us of the Gifts of recovery and Sobriety this Holiday Season. Thank you to Elizabeth, MG and CJ of SLAA Houston for your service:

Hospitals and Institutions: does your Group want to connect with local Treatment Centres, Hospitals, therapists and other treating professionals? The CPIC’s Hospitals & Institutions Subcommittee meets on the second Sunday of the Month lead by members of Los Angeles Intergroup H & I sharing their experience and exciting new ways to carry the message.

SLAAvirtual online meeting news: 

  • SLAA Iran (Women Only) opened on 7 December on WhatsApp and has started a Romantic Obsession Meeting in Persian (Farsi)
  • Healing Masculinity – note now open to all genders, not only those who identify as male, at 9AM PT Sundays
  • Manorexia – note time change to 7PM Tuesdays CET
  • State of Wholeness (Anorexia Top Lines for Mental Health) hosted by SLAA India 8AM Fridays IST.  13 week study of the Anorexia Recovery Tools
  • Sunday Anorexia CoSponsorship Group (US) starts in January 2022 at 8AM Sundays PST 
  • Sunday SLAA Anorexia Stepwork Group (Europe) has changed time from 10am to 9am Sundays GMT
  • Salisbury Saturdays 9.15-10.30 GMT Healthy Relationship and Anorexia Zoom Meetings

Online Meetings 24/7: here is our page of unofficial lists of SLAA Meetings around the clock. You can add your meeting by messaging the relevant List manager on their Contact Form in their list.

Online Meeting Scripts continue to be shared by Groups here to help others start online Meetings.  Thank you for your generous Service!

Public Outreach: Groups and Intergroups are invited to share their audio and video recordings and other outreach materials with the Conference Public Information Committee under part 14 of SLAA Suggestions for Public Outreach. See their Flyer for more information or contact them on their Contact Form.

Upcoming World Events for the online SLAA community:

Inspiration Line: you can call the SLAA Storyline +1 (215) 574-2121 or the Inspiration line +1(215) 574-2120. International call charges to the US apply so we suggest use Skype or similar discounted service.

FWS Newsletter December 2021 is now available on the FWS Website.

SLAA’s Pamphlets are now for sale for only US99 cents per download to any device.  

A State of Grace: Daily Meditations is now available on Amazon and Apple iTunes for USD9.99 in downloadable format.

FWS Board news:  Our Board met again for 2 hours on 11 December and is still working to reach a decision for the location and format of the 2022 ABM. Please pray our Higher Power guides everyone involved. Thank you to all those who have campaigned so hard for equal democratic rights and affordable access to the ABM. You can contact our Board on this or any other matter here.


SLAA Service Forum: a forum for members doing Service to ask questions and find support. All welcome to join.

7th Tradition: to help carry the message, please consider making a small, regular monthly donation to SLAAvirtual by credit card, PayPal or direct debit here.

SLAAvirtual Intergroup, Inc. met as usual at 4PM ET second Sunday of the Month.  All welcome. The main topic was our new Online Store and Fundraising. All welcome. See our Meeting Page how to attend.

CONTACT OUR NEW EDITOR! We warmly welcome our new Editor, GT, and thank her for her Service. To volunteer on our editorial team or contribute your Group’s news to this Newsletter, contact us.

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