Virtual Fellowship News – September 2021

NEWS THIS MONTH A new worldwide Fantasy Addiction Recovery Group opened on 29 August to share our experience strength and hope, request outreach between meetings, share Recovery Meetings around the world, start Meetings where they are needed, and develop new literature for Fantasy Addicts. We are 144 members attending 5 Meetings around the world already! … Read more

12 Step Prayers

Suggested SLAA Step Prayers were added today by the SLAA Prayer and Meditation Group. Thank you for your Service.


The Board of Fellowship Wide Services has issued a Statement. See for more details.

Fellowship Wide News – April 2021

The SLAA YouTube Channel added 3 new videos: International Women’s Speaker Meeting – Emotional Sobriety: Love, Respect and Dignity – LGBTQ+ (Anonymous, Wisconsin) What is the HOW Program? (Shane P, Sydney, Australia) Service as a Tool of Recovery (CPIC) – unlisted video for Committee use not available to the general public yet The SLAA Audio … Read more

Fellowship Wide News – August 2021

NEWS SLAA YouTube Channel added 3 new recordings: ~ Happy Joyous & Free in SLAA Anorexia Recovery – New York fellow, first generation Haitian-American anorexic sex & love addict and incest survivor (International Womens Speaker Meeting) ~ Sober Dating in SLAA Recovery – Berlin fellow, LGBTIQA+ womens share, pansexual (SLAAvirtual Workshop Event – all gender) ~ … Read more

Fellowship Wide News – July 2021

SLAA’s new Digital Literature Store is OPEN!!! Congratulations to everyone involved.  SLAA Pamphlets are for sale for 99 cents per copy as PDF files that can be downloaded to any device.  PLEASE ANNOUNCE AT YOUR MEETINGS!!! 7th Tradition: if you support uniting the global fellowship and carrying the message of SLAA recovery to every … Read more

Fellowship Wide News – June 2021

The SLAA YouTube Channel added new recordings: Choosing the Steps to the Solution, the Joy of No Contact Part 1 and Part 2 and Sober Dating in SLAA (Mens Speaker Share). Thank you to everyone who contributed. Sober Sisters Talk released 4 new Podcast:s Speaker Series – Story #11 (Jane the Avoidant), Boundaries, Crosstalk and Traditions, Character Defects or … Read more