Fellowship Wide News – June 2021

The SLAA YouTube Channel added new recordings: Choosing the Steps to the Solution, the Joy of No Contact Part 1 and Part 2 and Sober Dating in SLAA (Mens Speaker Share). Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Sober Sisters Talk released 4 new Podcast:s Speaker Series – Story #11 (Jane the Avoidant), Boundaries, Crosstalk and Traditions, Character Defects or Rigid Preferences? and Being Open to Suggestions. Thank you for your Service Elizabeth and MG (SLAA Houston)

Focus on Sponsorship: register here for the free Focus on Sponsorship 3 hour event hosted by the Greater Delaware Valley Intergroup on Sunday 11 July. The Sponsorship Page of the FWS website has been updated with lots of useful information, especially the new free documents. All members invited to the weekly international Focus on Sponsorship Meeting.

SLAA Santa Cruz is hosting a 4 part series called Meaningful & Sustained Recovery in SLAA and has posted materials and recordings online from the first 2 sessions.

Free shipping! FWS is still offering free shipping for online orders of USD75+  The offer is open for a limited period, and applies to both U.S. and international orders. The 25% discount on international orders applies to orders under USD75.

Heavily discounted literature USD80.50 value for only USD36!! Did you know each new Group that registers may buy one Group Literature Start-up Pack per group with a variety of books, booklets, pamphlets, chips and a CD? Contact SLAAvirtual@gmail.com for more information.

Free Journals!  At last some of our “meeting between meetings”, the Journal, are available online for all Members, wherever they are located. Thank you SLAA! Please help SLAA continue its vital outreach to suffering sex and love addicts by donating generously.

Access, Inclusion and Diversity: SLAAvirtual has added a detailed step by step Guide how to create a SLAA WhatsApp Group, a detailed Guide how to set up Hybrid Meetings, a list of Service Structure Abbreviations and a Collection of Readings for Meetings.

SLAA Chat Room – did you know the chat room is open 24/7 and meets 3 times a day every day? For members triggered by face to face or Zoom meetings or needing 100% anonymity. A gentle way to start in SLAA until comfortable meeting in person or by video. Thank you SLAAonline for 25 years service!

SLAAvirtual Intergroup has grown to 23 Groups holding 37 SLAA Meetings a week and was incorporated on 15 June 2021. SLAAvirtual has started a new Virtual Group of elected SLAA Delegates to mentor new Delegates, share information and learn together in preparation for the 2021 ABM.

SLAA’s Journal Committee is seeking member input to the Question of the Day for the #192 Sept./Oct. edition: “People as Drugs “Through sex, charm, emotional appeal, or persuasive intellect, we had used other people as ‘drugs,’ to avoid our own personal inadequacy.” S.L.A.A. Basic Text page 74. Please share your story of using people as drugs and your experience strength and hope in overcoming the desire to use people as drugs. Submit your answer by July 15 via this Google Form.

The FWS Newsletter for June 2021 is now available on the FWS Website.

All members doing Service in SLAA are invited to join the SLAA Service Forum to ask Questions and share our experience.

This years Annual Business Conference (ABM) will be held online from 2 to 6 August 2021. Over 50 members have registered to attend. The Third Version of the ABM Agenda is available. If you want to help review and comment on the draft Literature, email slaavirtual@gmail.com to join the Review Team.

All members are invited to attend meetings of the Conference Committees at the ABM for free. We will post the meeting timetable as soon as its available.

The FWS Board met on 12 June 2021 and approved selling SLAA Pamphlets from the FWS online store in digital format for 99¢ per copy.  Sales of printed pamphlets will continue.

The Sober Dating Questions for Discussion are available on Amazon as an e-publication for only $6.99 and is now available on Amazon fur USD9.99 as a “print on demand” book.

Author: SVIG