Fellowship Wide News – May 2021

The SLAA YouTube Channel added a new video Finding Freedom and Recovery in SLAA -International Woman Speaker Meeting May 2021 Thank you for your Service, Anonymous of CA and the International Womens Speaker Meeting Group of SLAA.

Sober Sisters Talk released 3 new Podcasts Would You Date You, What Blocks Us from Joy and Change Your Story. Thank you for your Service Elizabeth and MG (SLAA Houston)

Free shipping! FWS is offering free shipping for online orders of USD75+  The offer is open for a limited period, and applies to both U.S. and international orders. 25% discount on all international orders stil applies to orders under USD75.

Free Journals!  At last some of our “meeting between meetings”, the Journal, are available online for all Members, wherever they are located. Thank you SLAA! Please help SLAA continue its vital outreach to suffering sex and love addicts by donating generously.

Access, Inclusion and Diversity: SLAAvirtual has added Tips for successful Hybrid Meetings, Cameras On or Off? and a Glossary of SLAA terms to the existing tips How to add Auto Captioning to your Zoom Meeting for the hearing impaired.

The SLAA Journal Committee is seeking member input to the Question of the Day for the #192 Sept./Oct. edition: “People as Drugs “Through sex, charm, emotional appeal, or persuasive intellect, we had used other people as ‘drugs,’ to avoid our own personal inadequacy.” S.L.A.A. Basic Text page 74. Please share your story of using people as drugs and your experience strength and hope in overcoming the desire to use people as drugs. Submit your answer by July 15 via this Google Form.

The FWS Newsletter for March 2021 is available. The next issue will be out in June 2021.

All members doing Service in SLAA are invited to join the SLAA Service Forum to ask Questions and share experience.

The Annual Business Conference (ABM) is the once-a-year event at which S.L.A.A. members and other members of our service structure convene to conduct the Annual Business Meeting (ABM). This year’s ABM will be held online from 2 to 6 August 2021. SLAAvirtual has registered its first Delegate, Renee R and is raising USD190 to send our second Delegate, Alex T. Please donate generously.

The FWS Board met on 8 May 2021:

Since the LifeSaver Program began, the Fellowship has increased the percentage of revenue from 7th Tradition contributions from around 22% to almost 40%.  This has helped offset declining sales but SLAA did need to withdraw from its Prudent Reserve earlier this year. Therefore please ask our Groups to donate and give back that which is freely given.

A Newcomer Bundle of printed literature is on sale on the on-line store for USD29.99 with free shipping in North America. The regular price for these 11 items is USD35.30 plus USD8 for shipping in the US. Although there is no free shipping outside North America, a 25% international discount is applied.

The Sober Dating Questions for Discussion is available on Amazon as an e-publication for only $6.99 and will soon be available on Amazon as a “print on demand” book.

The Second Version of the ABM Agenda (minus draft literature and other attachments) is available on the FWS Website. If you want to help review and comment on the draft Literature, email slaavirtual@gmail.com to join the Review Team lead by our Delegates, Renee and Alex.

The new FWS website has been launched and includes a translation feature and a handy knowledge base. One exciting change is you can now see the time of Events in your own time as well as the time of the organisers!

Author: SVIG