Virtual Fellowship News – February 2022

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Tradition of the Month:2. For our group purpose there is but one ultimate authority — a loving God as this Power may be expressed through our group conscience. Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern. You can study the SLAA Traditions here.

2022 SLAA Intergroups Forum will be on 19 and 27 March 2022.  Free worldwide event hosted by the CICC.  A great way to meet others doing service at Intergroup level and hear all about the upcoming ABM and other F.W.S. activities.  Register here.

SLAA 2022 ABC/M will be held in person only at Hilton Arden West Hotel in Sacramento, California. Generous subsidies apply this year.  Register early by 26 May for even more discount.

Holiday Special!! For a Limited Time!  FREE SHIPPING  on all Online Store Orders of USD50 or More.  All other discounts apply except the International 25%. Note F.W.S. is still not shipping to 28 countries due toCOVID including Australia and New Zealand. Please see THIS LIST before you order. Countries on the list are not available at checkout.

TheJournal – your meeting between meetings!  Download free from and subscribe to have the print version delivered. Question of the Day: Sponsor’s Words: What’s the best thing your sponsor has ever told you? You can answer the question via this Google Form!

SLAA YouTube – your sponsor between sponsors!  Happy 1st Birthday!  30 shared recordings, 1410 Subscribers, 48171 views, 7,300 hours watch time and 510,000 impressions (that is, SLAA thumbnails shown to YouTube users) all in one year!  Thank you to everyone who helped create our newest way to share public outreach. 

SLAA Events Calendar lists SLAA events all over the world and online. Please add your Group’s events that are open to newcomers.

40 Additional Questions for Self Diagnosis – did you know the original 40 Questions were approved in 1986 then in 2015, an additional list of 40 Questions were created to reflect changes in technology and other factors?  Many newcomers are finding them useful.

SLAAvirtual Helpline:  SLAA’s first WhatsApp Helpline. Open 24/7. 12th Step support is now also available in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi and Persian. To join the team of SLAA volunteers contact us.

Sober Sisters Talk – our favorite podcast here at VFN!  Two new episodes this month: Is It a Break or Breakup? and What Do You Take on a Date? Thank you to Elizabeth, MG and CJ of SLAA Houston for your service.

SLAA in the Media – thank you to a member of SLAA India for sharing this very interesting interview with the singer and songwriter known anonymously as “SIA”. 

SLAAvirtual online meetings – see our Meeting Notice Board for the latest additions. SLAAvirtual Intergroup now comprises 42 SLAA Groups holding 75 Meetings per week. Thank you all for your Service.

SLAA WhatsApp Groups: see our Directory of Groups that welcome sex and love addicts. Contact SLAAvirtual to add your Group.

Inspiration Line: you can call the SLAA Storyline +1 (215) 574-2121 or the Inspiration line +1(215) 574-2120. International call charges to the US apply so we suggest use Skype or similar discounted service.

FWS Board News:  Jaclyn R the Treasurer has resigned from the Board of Trustees for personal reasons and Christina M (the Secretary) has gone on maternity leave. To apply to join the board, see here.

FWS URGENTLY needs volunteers for the Board Technology Committee to help deliver the 2023 ABM including F.W.S.’ annual general meeting, voting and elections in a hybrid format. Can you help? You can contact our Board on this or any other matter here.

SLAA Service Forum: a forum for members doing Service to ask questions and find support. All welcome to join.

7th Tradition: to help carry the message, please consider making a small, regular monthly donation to SLAAvirtual by credit card, PayPal or direct debit here.

SLAAvirtual Intergroup, Inc. met as usual at 4PM ET second Sunday of the Month.  All welcome. The main topic has been cybersafety and fundraising to fly our Delegates to the 2022 ABM.  See our Meeting Page how to attend.

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Author: SVIG