Virtual Fellowship News – September 2021


A new worldwide Fantasy Addiction Recovery Group opened on 29 August to

  • share our experience strength and hope,
  • request outreach between meetings,
  • share Recovery Meetings around the world,
  • start Meetings where they are needed, and
  • develop new literature for Fantasy Addicts.

We are 144 members attending 5 Meetings around the world already! All genders from all areas welcome. SLAA members only. See the Fantasy Addiction page how to join this WhatsApp Group and find a Meeting in a time zone that suits you.

SLAA YouTube added 2 new donated recordings and posted its first request for volunteers:

Sober Dating LGBTIQA+ Mens Share by Anonymous, a South African fellow, LGBTIQA+ on the topic of sober re-partnering (SLAAvirtual Workshop Event – all gender)

Service as a Tool of Recovery in SLAA – the second training and education video created by the CPIC to help carry the message of Service in SLAA.

Public Outreach materials: if your Group or Intergroup would like copies of the CPIC’s outreach materials or would like assistance creating your own, please contact the Conference Public Information Committee.

The FWS Newsletter for September 2021 arrived in everyone’s inbox and is made available to Members on the FWS Website.

Upcoming World Events for the online SLAA community:

~ Setting Boundaries 2 part workshop (women only) on 18 and 25 September 2021.

~ with Erin of North Carolina on 26 September 2021 (the last of our Sober Dating & Relationships Speaker Series).  

~ Setting Top and Bottom Lines for Anorexics 3PM ET Sunday 24 October 2021.

For all upcoming SLAA Events see the FWS Events Page and submit your own. It is an excellent event list.

SLAA Game Night playing Scattergories hosted by our dear friends, the Greater Delaware Valley Intergroup, this Saturday 18 September at 6.15pm ET, room locks at 6.30pm.

Sponsorship Writing Group all members invited to join the Group writing new literature on Sponsorship in SLAA including a new joint project of the CSpC and the CJC, a Sponsorship Focus Booklet. A Reading Group is being created to read through and select articles about sponsorship from SLAA’s current collection. Sponsors and sponsees welcome. No sobriety or other pre-requisites to do this Service.

Inspiration Line: did you know you can call if you need a meeting and can’t find one? Call SLAA Storyline +1 (215) 574-2121. It’s a speaker recording to listen to. Also, SLAA inspiration line to listen to member experience, strength and hope and leave your own recording +1(215) 574-2120. Be mindful of international call charges if you are outside the US.

SLAAvirtual Intergroup, Inc. met as usual on the second Sunday of the Month and decided (among other things) to re-name our monthly news to avoid any confusion with the Fellowship Wide Services newsletter.  What do you think of our new name?


Free SLAA Journals  Good news! Issues #135 to #150 are now available free to Members. Many thanks to our Conference Journal Committee for your generous service. Please share with newcomers and people interested to know more about SLAA.

Workshop Guide to The Twelve Traditions of SLAA is available free online from SLAA Toronto.  Thank you so much for sharing this really helpful resource, Toronto Intergroup.

Free shipping! FWS is still offering free shipping for online orders of USD75+  The offer is open for a limited period, and applies to both U.S. and international orders.

Focus on Sponsorship: we have a new How to Find a Sponsor page, all are invited to the Focus on Sponsorship Meeting and to join the Focus on Sponsorship WhatsApp Group for fellowship and outreach between meetings.

SLAA’s Pamphlets are now for sale for only US99 cents per download to any device.  Hugely convenient way to suggest SLAA Conference approved material to suffering sex and love addicts. Thank you FWS!

A State of Grace: Daily Meditations is now available for USD9.99 downloadable to Kindle, Comes with free reading app for your device. Many thanks to F.W.S. and our Board of Trustees.

7th Tradition: we now have PayPal including the ability to make a small, regular monthly donations by credit card, as well as our Bank Account and fee free Money Pools in USD, GBP and AUD.

To contribute your Group’s news, contact SLAAvirtual by joining our Fellowship  Wide Newsletter Group on WhatsApp or email your article to

Author: SVIG