Fellowship Wide News – August 2021


SLAA YouTube Channel added 3 new recordings:

~ Happy Joyous & Free in SLAA Anorexia Recovery – New York fellow, first generation Haitian-American anorexic sex & love addict and incest survivor (International Womens Speaker Meeting)

~ Sober Dating in SLAA Recovery – Berlin fellow, LGBTIQA+ womens share, pansexual (SLAAvirtual Workshop Event – all gender)

~ Recovery from Sex Addiction – LGBTIQA+ Conference Speaker Share, indigenous Maori man from our Auckland Fellowship (New Zealand), survivor of childhood abuse, first POC share on SLAA YouTube

Thank you Conference Public Information Committee for your support and everyone who contributed.

A State of Grace: Daily Meditations is now available for USD9.99 downloadable to Kindle, Comes with free reading app for your device. Many thanks to F.W.S. and our Board of Trustees.

Upcoming World Events for the online SLAA community: the Sober Dating & Relationships Speaker Series with Khalil of South Africa on 29 August and Erin of North Carolina on 26 September 2021.  SAVE THE DATE: Setting Top and Bottom Lines for Anorexics 3PM ET Sunday 24 October 2021.

SLAA Game Night playing Scattergories hosted by our dear friends, the Greater Delaware Valley Intergroup, this Saturday 28 August at 6.15pm ET, room locks at 6.30pm. Scattergories JOIN in all the fun

Sober Sisters Talk released 2 new podcasts Change, Change, Change. And Episode 13 Speaker Series.  Thank you for your Service, Elizabeth P and MG (SLAA Houston).

Recovery Audio also has 13 Speaker Shares by L.A. members. Thank you Los Angeles Intergroup for your service to members all over the world.

Workshop Guide to The Twelve Traditions of SLAA is available free online from SLAA Toronto.  Thank you so much for sharing this really helpful resource, Toronto Intergroup.

Access, Inclusion and Diversity: does your meeting use Closed Captions yet?  Its so easy on Zoom and hugely helpful to participants who are hard of hearing or having difficulty following any other speaker.  It is easy to setup.

New International Meetings: SLAAvirtual welcomed Healthy Masculinity Mens Group, SLAA for Women with Autism & ADHD, and the Secular Meeting – Anorexia Focus (all gender)

Special Interest Groups: there is a new private WhatsApp Group for sex workers in SLAA. If you have worked in the industry and would like a safe space to discuss recovery and connect with other workers, SLAAvirtual can put you in contact with the lovely admin team. Sex work is work!

SLAA’s Pamphlets are now for sale for only US99 cents per download to any device.  Hugely convenient way to suggest SLAA Conference approved material to suffering sex and love addicts. 

7th Tradition: we now have PayPal including the ability to make a small, regular monthly donations by credit card, as well as our Bank Account and fee free Money Pools in USD, GBP and AUD.

Service Support SLAAvirtual Intergroup started a new SLAA WhatsApp Group for Group Admins from every SLAA Group and Intergroup to share tips and information. We support the Members who support the SLAA online community especially the newcomer. Thank you to all our wonderful Admins.


Free SLAA Journals  Good news! Issues #135 to #150 are now available free to Members. Many thanks to our Conference Journal Committee for your generous service. Please share with newcomers and people interested to know more about SLAA.

Free shipping! FWS is still offering free shipping for online orders of USD75+  The offer is open for a limited period, and applies to both U.S. and international orders.

Focus on Sponsorship: we have a new How to Find a Sponsor page, all are invited to the Focus on Sponsorship Meeting and to join the Focus on Sponsorship WhatsApp Group for fellowship and outreach between meetings.

SLAA’s Journal Committee is seeking member input to the Question of the Day for the #193 Nov./Dec. edition called Pink Cloud:

Have you experienced a “pink cloud” in recovery? If so, please describe your experience and how it impacted your recovery. How did you maintain your connection to Program/spirituality?  Submit your answer by September 15 via this Google Form.

The FWS Newsletter for June 2021 is now available on the FWS Website.

All members doing Service in SLAA are invited to join the SLAA Service Forum to ask Questions and share our experience.

The Sober Dating Questions for Discussion are available on Amazon as an e-publication for only $6.99 and is now available from Amazon as a “print on demand” book.

To contribute your Group’s news contact SLAAvirtual by joining the Fellowship Wide Newsletter Group on WhatsApp or email your article to slaavirtual@gmail.com.

Author: SVIG